Ipads in Sports

Here’s an article that shows how Sports teams are starting to transition not just their sports gears and institutions to technology but their playbooks as well.



Fair Game

Technology has been criticized about how it’s taking over the game and making it less of a game and more of a science project, but the positive of technology is that it gives teams or players a chance of having a fair game. Here’s an example of using technology in tennis to call a fair game.

Final Project Podcast!!

Here’s my finished podcast, it was pretty fun talking about stuff I like. Hope you guys feel the same way about it. The process was fun and hard to do at the same time. I’m very computer illiterate so it took a while for me to upload a lot of these things on my laptop. For the Final Project I’ve decided to make a podcast which is shown below, and talk about the advancements that technology has placed on sports, using youtube videos as a visual for my podcast. I hope you guys enjoy it, Thank You for Listening and Watching. God Bless

Podcast-Technology and Sports Final Project

Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony

Sports On The Go!

ESPN Cowboy!

Sports Science (Dwight Howard)

From “Outback” to “8 Mile” Fanmania!

Sportscenter Top 10

Sports and Technology

My final project shows the advancements that technology has played in professional sports. I wanted to show how technology has helped progress sports with new ways to help athletes perform better and how technology has managed to enhance the viewership of sports throughout the world and gain audiences with new technological advancements and devices that allow you to view sports in a new way. Simply Amazing! Here’s an example of how technology has played a role in sports.




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